Fundació Centre Internacional de Música Antiga

The International Ancient Music Centre Foundation (CIMA) was established by Jordi Savall and Montserrat Figueras to ensure the recovery and appreciation of the universal musical heritage with exceptional works from the mediaeval, Renaissance, Baroque and Classicism periods, and with particular attention to the Hispanic and Mediterranean musical heritage.

Jordi Savall and Montserrat Figueras have established a number of ensembles that embody the Foundation’s concert activity: the instrumental ensemble Hespèrion XX (1974), with Hopkinson Smith and Lorenzo Alpert; the vocal ensemble La Capella Reial de Catalunya (1987); and the Concert des Nations orchestra, which performs Baroque music on original instruments (1989). All of these have rapidly risen to the forefront of ancient music performance thanks to a new conception of it characterised by great musical vivacity hand in hand with the highest degree of historical accuracy in performance.

The Fundation Centre Internacional de Música Antiga develops annually a great variety of activities oriented to recover and promote the musical heritage: concerts, promotion of reflection and intercultural dialogue, pedagogical activities, social projects that approaches music to people who need it specially, such as hospitals, prisons, neighborhoods with an special attention and refugees, always to contribute to the development of the European humanistic civilization from music and art.


Sr. Carles Duarte i Montserrat


Sr. Joan Rigol i Roig


Sr. Romà Escalas i Llimona


Sr. Josep Borràs i Roca

Financial officer

Hble. Sr/a Conseller/a de Cultura (Generalitat de Catalunya)


Sra. Maria Bartels


Sr. Màrius Bernadó i Tarragona


Sr. Josep Maria Bricall i Masip


Sr. Julià Cabrerizo


Sr. Manuel Forcano i Aparicio


Sra. Arianna Savall i Figueras


Sr. Ferran Savall i Figueras


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