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Barcelona City Council will provide a place for Jordi Savall

Barcelona City Council will provide a place for Jordi Savall

Commitment of the Barcelona City Council to provide a seat for the Internacional Center for Ancient Music Foundation.

The Institutional Declaration, approved on 27 January 2023 by all the groups on the basis of an initiative by Junts, recognises the dimension of Savall’s work as one of the world’s most influential living musicians and an extraordinary disseminator, as well as a world-renowned conductor.

This declaration aims to promote Barcelona as “the physical and spiritual headquarters” of the International Early Music Centre Foundation, given the need for this cultural heritage to remain in the city and serve to promote Catalan autochthonous music from the medieval, early and baroque periods. And, finally, it determines the constitution of a commission made up of representatives of the Government, the municipal administration and representatives of the foundation to carry out a survey of municipally-owned buildings and to determine a suitable and finalist space for the headquarters of the Foundation.

The Mayoress of Barcelona, Ada Colau, stressed that Savall is a benchmark of early music, a great talent, and that he knows that the Barcelona City Council is his home. “He has a pedagogical vocation and leaves a legacy that deserves to be accompanied.

For his part, Savall said that this is an exciting moment, because they have been looking for a space in which to put down roots for the Foundation’s activities since the time of Pasqual Maragall. “It is a great satisfaction to see everything taking on a more concrete dimension”.