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Vocal Auditions 2023

Call for auditions for Alto-Mezzo, Tenor and Bass-Baritone singers for La Capella Reial de Catalunya.


for Alto-Mezzo, Tenor and Bass-Baritone singers

La Capella Reial de Catalunya


The YOCPA project, Young Orchestra and Choir Professional Academies, is a program led by the International Ancient Music Centre (CIMA Foundation) and co-funded by the European Union. The project is about giving training and working opportunities to new generations of musicians, supporting them to reach the professional concert scene in Europe. The program combines the pedagogical work of professional experts (teachers) with the learning experience of emerging musicians (students) through academies that take place face to face and online.

During the period 2023-2024, we plan to work around the composers Haydn, Schumann, and Mendelssohn, among others. The chosen candidates in these vocal auditions will have the opportunity to participate in projects with La Capella Reial de Catalunya, conducted by Jordi Savall. The expert responsible for the pedagogical direction and the selection process of the vocal auditions will be Lluís Vilamajó.

Vocal Auditions Requirements 2023


  • Addressed to singers up to 30 years old at the moment of sending the application.
  • Complete the application form. Read the following pages for further information.
  • Understand the working conditions of the YOCPA project. Every professional academy is divided in two parts: academy of preparation and academy of perfection.

According to the terms and conditions of our agreement with the European Union, the academies of preparation are considered training days. These days are not remunerated. On the other hand, the academies of perfection are fully remunerated. Concerts are considered working days and therefore are also remunerated.

The deadline to submit the application is June 19th, 2023.

We will make a preselection of the candidates and we will communicate the results via email. The chosen candidates will be invited for face-to-face auditions. The auditions will take place during 2023 in Barcelona (Spain) on the 19th and 20thSeptember 2023. We will inform you of the details at a later stage.